blissClouds drifting
Across midnight skies
Starlight shining
In her eyes

Gentle caresses
Hesitant and unsure
Becoming bolder
Smiles asking for more

Warm breezes vie
For sweet touches of skin
A feeling of wonder
Building within

Gazing into the depths
Of their souls
Seeing within
That which one cannot hold

Sharing sensations
In both body and mind
Searching for beauty
So hard to find

Explosions within
Trembling alive
What wonder they share
Fulfilment arrives

Her body still trembling
From touches unseen
Awareness comes sadly
It was only a dream.

TJ September 2010


Special Moments….


She stands gazing out of the window
Lost in tranquil thought
Unaware of his approach
Or even what he sought

He placed his hands upon her shoulders
Drawing her back to him
She resting gently against his chest
As his hands they start to roam

First running over covered skin
Senses to awaken
Feeling nipples raised and ready
To his mouth to be forsaken

His hands slide gently lower
She moans and stiffens slightly
As they brush against her mound
Her hands clenching tightly

He slides down her shirt
Shoulders bare awaiting his touch
Lips and tongue gently teasing,
She wants him oh so much

Naked breasts with nipples hard
Fill his hands so neatly
While his thumbs caress them softly
She melts against him completely

He lifts her up and carries her
with such tender care
lays her down upon the bed
and strips her body bare

she whimpers as he unclothes himself
more ready than he knows
for the expert loving he will give
she shivers from head to toe

His body is so beautiful
His manhood stands erect
She marvels that upon him
She can have that affect

He bends and kisses her parted lips
Hands roaming gently squeezing
Until she groans and calls his name
His loving oh so pleasing

He kneels before her parted knees
Kisses trailing moisture down
He licks and searches with his tongue
Delighting in the sounds

Of pleasure that he wrings from her
Each time his tongue passes over
Soft whimpers escaping from parted lips
Such a skillful lover

He wrings from her a climax
With the thrust of his tongue
She grasps his head and pulls him up
One small battle won

She tastes her juices on his mouth
Driving her insane
His hands replace where his mouth has been
Making her explode again

She is frantic with desire
He mounts her and drives in deep
Then slowly raises back up again
Control hard to keep

Her legs are wrapped around him
Urging him to drive down fast
The frenzy of her passion
Plunging him into beautiful lust

Their bodies dance in beautiful union
The age old dance in time
Hearts pounding, sweat mingling
He whispers, “You are now mine”

She trembles as another climax
Wracks through her very being
He stops and rolls right over
She looks down with eyes unseeing

He reaches for her nipples
As she rides him hard and fast
Delighting in her pleasure
Inhibitions have long past

She feels his manhood tremble
inside her as she rocks
It only urges her onward
for no way can she stop

the shudders rise up through his being
he tries to stave them off
but her wanton enjoyment of the act
his climax he cant stop

Exhaustion takes its toll on them
she falls against his chest
and now completely satisfied
in each others arms they rest.

TJ  24th October 2010  Copyright

Beautiful Union…..

Rose and feather

Two bodies standing close together in the grips of passion bound
Mouths hungrily searching delighted moans the only sound
Tongues searching and seeking exploring hidden wells
Mouth gently nibbling on lips as passionately they swell

Hand roaming randomly caressing each others skin
Slowly oh so sensuously the dance of love begins
Swaying to their own music lost in shared desire
Igniting within each other an inextinguishable fire

Skin on skin close contact unable to move apart
Breaths shorten in expectation, hear the pounding of their hearts
She firmly grips his buttocks as he caresses her nipples
Uncontrollable reaction passing through her body in ripples

She holds him hard against her, his arousal powerful and strong
One hand slowly caressing him fingers slowly sliding along
He reaches down between her thighs fingers seeking sweetness
As he finds her hidden sacred place she’s overcome with weakness

Mouths exploring wildly from mouth to neck to breast
Tongues frantically seeking finding the places they both love best
As if by magic they are laying down the bed becomes their haven
Laying entwined taunting teasing seeking to ease their craving

Eyes heavy with passion seeking connections in each other depths
Drowning in pools of desire sharing secrets which have long been kept
No words necessary in this exchange understanding messages clear
Honoured in the knowing that they overcome each others fears

He slides between her parted thighs sinking slowly down so deep
She shudders at the perfectness of the union no boundaries now to keep
Handing herself over to him trusting knowing in his arms she is safe
His momentum slowly building as she matches him for pace

He changes slightly his position as the orgasms start to build
The pleasure for them both so powerful on the brink until
He changes rhythm pounding hard as she cries out in release
To hear her pleasure thrills him so as he intends always to please

The pleasure washes over her in waves never ending
Raising her and lifting her ever higher never descending
As he feels her pleasure spasming on his shaft now deep inside
He allows himself release and she delights in his cries

They lay together touching not wanting to break the hold
He still inside of her the pleasure still ten fold
Their hands reaching in a sweet caress such wonder did they find
The beauty of their lovemaking etched indelibly in their minds