Beautiful Union…..

Rose and feather

Two bodies standing close together in the grips of passion bound
Mouths hungrily searching delighted moans the only sound
Tongues searching and seeking exploring hidden wells
Mouth gently nibbling on lips as passionately they swell

Hand roaming randomly caressing each others skin
Slowly oh so sensuously the dance of love begins
Swaying to their own music lost in shared desire
Igniting within each other an inextinguishable fire

Skin on skin close contact unable to move apart
Breaths shorten in expectation, hear the pounding of their hearts
She firmly grips his buttocks as he caresses her nipples
Uncontrollable reaction passing through her body in ripples

She holds him hard against her, his arousal powerful and strong
One hand slowly caressing him fingers slowly sliding along
He reaches down between her thighs fingers seeking sweetness
As he finds her hidden sacred place she’s overcome with weakness

Mouths exploring wildly from mouth to neck to breast
Tongues frantically seeking finding the places they both love best
As if by magic they are laying down the bed becomes their haven
Laying entwined taunting teasing seeking to ease their craving

Eyes heavy with passion seeking connections in each other depths
Drowning in pools of desire sharing secrets which have long been kept
No words necessary in this exchange understanding messages clear
Honoured in the knowing that they overcome each others fears

He slides between her parted thighs sinking slowly down so deep
She shudders at the perfectness of the union no boundaries now to keep
Handing herself over to him trusting knowing in his arms she is safe
His momentum slowly building as she matches him for pace

He changes slightly his position as the orgasms start to build
The pleasure for them both so powerful on the brink until
He changes rhythm pounding hard as she cries out in release
To hear her pleasure thrills him so as he intends always to please

The pleasure washes over her in waves never ending
Raising her and lifting her ever higher never descending
As he feels her pleasure spasming on his shaft now deep inside
He allows himself release and she delights in his cries

They lay together touching not wanting to break the hold
He still inside of her the pleasure still ten fold
Their hands reaching in a sweet caress such wonder did they find
The beauty of their lovemaking etched indelibly in their minds


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