blissClouds drifting
Across midnight skies
Starlight shining
In her eyes

Gentle caresses
Hesitant and unsure
Becoming bolder
Smiles asking for more

Warm breezes vie
For sweet touches of skin
A feeling of wonder
Building within

Gazing into the depths
Of their souls
Seeing within
That which one cannot hold

Sharing sensations
In both body and mind
Searching for beauty
So hard to find

Explosions within
Trembling alive
What wonder they share
Fulfilment arrives

Her body still trembling
From touches unseen
Awareness comes sadly
It was only a dream.

TJ September 2010


Special Moments….


She stands gazing out of the window
Lost in tranquil thought
Unaware of his approach
Or even what he sought

He placed his hands upon her shoulders
Drawing her back to him
She resting gently against his chest
As his hands they start to roam

First running over covered skin
Senses to awaken
Feeling nipples raised and ready
To his mouth to be forsaken

His hands slide gently lower
She moans and stiffens slightly
As they brush against her mound
Her hands clenching tightly

He slides down her shirt
Shoulders bare awaiting his touch
Lips and tongue gently teasing,
She wants him oh so much

Naked breasts with nipples hard
Fill his hands so neatly
While his thumbs caress them softly
She melts against him completely

He lifts her up and carries her
with such tender care
lays her down upon the bed
and strips her body bare

she whimpers as he unclothes himself
more ready than he knows
for the expert loving he will give
she shivers from head to toe

His body is so beautiful
His manhood stands erect
She marvels that upon him
She can have that affect

He bends and kisses her parted lips
Hands roaming gently squeezing
Until she groans and calls his name
His loving oh so pleasing

He kneels before her parted knees
Kisses trailing moisture down
He licks and searches with his tongue
Delighting in the sounds

Of pleasure that he wrings from her
Each time his tongue passes over
Soft whimpers escaping from parted lips
Such a skillful lover

He wrings from her a climax
With the thrust of his tongue
She grasps his head and pulls him up
One small battle won

She tastes her juices on his mouth
Driving her insane
His hands replace where his mouth has been
Making her explode again

She is frantic with desire
He mounts her and drives in deep
Then slowly raises back up again
Control hard to keep

Her legs are wrapped around him
Urging him to drive down fast
The frenzy of her passion
Plunging him into beautiful lust

Their bodies dance in beautiful union
The age old dance in time
Hearts pounding, sweat mingling
He whispers, “You are now mine”

She trembles as another climax
Wracks through her very being
He stops and rolls right over
She looks down with eyes unseeing

He reaches for her nipples
As she rides him hard and fast
Delighting in her pleasure
Inhibitions have long past

She feels his manhood tremble
inside her as she rocks
It only urges her onward
for no way can she stop

the shudders rise up through his being
he tries to stave them off
but her wanton enjoyment of the act
his climax he cant stop

Exhaustion takes its toll on them
she falls against his chest
and now completely satisfied
in each others arms they rest.

TJ  24th October 2010  Copyright

Soft Hands…


Soft hands
Silken skin
Feather light touches
The night begins

Gazes locked
Mirrored souls
Shuddering breaths
Bodies mould

Legs entwined
Skin to skin
Arms embrace
Breath drawn in

Bodies trembling
Mouth seeking
Tongues dancing
No one speaking

Gentle rocking
Fires burning
Deep within
Minds churning

Passions building
Tensions rise
Widened eyes
Silent cries

Tears slowing
Juices mingling
Bodies pounding
Wildly tingling

Mouths devouring
Perspiration flowing
Souls entwining
Auras glowing

Explosions within
Breaths gasping
Joy and contentment
Love everlasting

TJ 15th October 2010

Souls Wide Open


Kisses like angels wings
skin glistening like the stars
light touches gliding
radiant warmth igniting

moonlight illuminating
bodies entwining
breath enticing
hands exploring

gazes meeting
souls wide open
hearts unfolded
tenderness abounds

in perfect rhythm
lovers joining
explosions of ecstasy
the perfect union.
TJ September 2010. Copyright.

Golden Glow



Soft golden glow of candlelight
She looks into his eyes
Such passion and deep yearning
She cannot disguise

Neither knows what lies ahead
They’ve not been here before
Happy just to let things flow
And embrace what lies in store

His fingers touch her face so gently
Then glide down to her lips
Grazing gently over them
While they yearn for his kiss

Movement as though slow motion
Such beauty and such grace
She leans to touch his mouth with hers
Lost in the sweetness of his taste

Gazes burning, smouldering
He pulls her to her feet
And rises along beside her
Both victory and defeat

Mouths now meeting hungrily
Searching kisses gliding lower
Clothes discarded in a breath
Hands moving fast then slower

Caresses reaching everywhere
Bodies aching with desire
She clinging to his chest
He sets her breasts on fire

Moans escape her open mouth
As sweet kisses trail on down
Searching hungrily, tasting then
The sweet honey of her mound

Her legs no longer bear her weight
He lowers her gently to the floor
Then smothers her in kisses
As his skillful hands explore

She rises up above him
As a phoenix from the ashes
Her gaze devouring every inch of him
Desire like lightning flashes

With soft hands and tender mouth
She gives him pleasure to behold
Groans escaping from his lips
She takes him into her fold

Their bodies ride the waves of pleasure
In perfect unison
Until they reach their final thrust
Their cries they linger on

Exhausted in each others arms
Bodies holding tight
They rest for just a short while
Knowing they still have all night.

TJ 9th November 2010  Copyright.

Dining out – Main Course

man licking finger

The meal set before me looks delicious but it is difficult to concentrate on it as my mind attempts to come to terms with what has just happened.  The sexy Irishman has hardly acknowledged me at all once the lights are back on and the meals delivered.  I feel rather risque but also a little piqued that he would choose to ignore me after such an intimate interaction.  I attempt to strike up conversation with him a couple of times and he answers in monosyllables, obviously not encouraging any further talk.  He chats quite amicably with the elderly lady on his left which I find rather irritating.  I do however note the way that his tongue flicks onto his fingers savouring the juices of the shell fish he’s just removed from their shells.  The way he slides the fingers into his mouth make it obvious to me that he is taunting me.

“Ah, exquisite flavours” I hear him utter.  My head jerks up in reaction at the words.  As my eyes go to move back to his face my gaze is intercepted by the piercing black eyes from across the table.  The stare so intense that my breath is caught in my throat.  It flicks very deliberately to the Irishman and then back to me.  Almost insolently he lets his eyes trail over my face, down my neck and then stop at my cleavage.  So intense that I could  swear I feel his touch against my skin the entire way. As his gaze rests on my breasts I feel as though I am naked, the dress that had felt suitably demure but sexy earlier now feels like a flimsy tiny piece of cloth barely large enough to cover my rapidly hardening nipples.
I feel almost as though he is punishing me with his eyes.  Surely he doesn’t know what I have been doing only a short time ago. He can’t have heard me exclaiming as I climaxed could he?  There was, I thought, ample noise in the room to camouflage it.  That coupled with the Irishman’s comments as he licked his fingers…  mortified I realise that even if he were not certain before then he would have had his thoughts confirmed by what to others would have been a purely innocent comment made by a man enjoying his meal.  Hurriedly I excuse myself  to no one in particular.  Snatching up my purse I rise as gracefully as I can under the scrutiny of two set of eyes. One black as night and the other belonging to the Irishman.  Of course, the split opens up even more as I rise showing the lace band at the top of my stockings. With as much dignity as I can muster I allow the dress to fall back of it’s own accord covering me sedately once again as I walk with barely held together composure toward the exterior patio where I had previously spotted a ladies restroom.  Behind me I hear a chair scrape on the floor but it could have been anyone of the 200 or so guests so I pay no heed.

I feel the freshness of the evening air upon my skin as I cross the patio.  What blessed relief it is to have the coolness wash over me.  The heady fragrance of the gardens lures me past the ladies out onto the paved path.  The lighting very subtle and unobtrusive. I stop for a moment and draw in a deep calming breath. Spotting a beautifully carved stone garden seat in a secluded arbor I decide to sit for a short to time regain my composure.  For a moment I close my eyes shutting out the noise of the gathering so close by relishing this brief time alone is such beautiful surroundings.

“Has no one ever told you that it is not safe to be out in the dark alone, madam?” I started. I have not heard anyone approach.  I cannot see his face but I know it is the dark eyed man by his mere presence.
“Oh? Then I must consider myself safe now that I have your company, Sir” I reply rather more confidently that I feel.  What is he doing here?  Has he deliberately followed me out?  Obviously he has, but what does he want?
“I could not help but notice that you seemed a little flustered as you took your leave of the dinner table. I thought it best to check to make sure that you were not distressed in any way. Do you mind if I sit?” Not waiting for an answer he sits down beside me, considerably closer than was totally necessary. He turns to face me placing his finger under my chin and turning my face towards him.  In the subdued light I can see his eyes are aflame.
“You are quite the seductress, Madam.  I wonder have you any notion of just how appealing you looking this evening? Those beautiful ripe breasts, obviously not used to being on display by the creamy paleness of your skin” the softness of his voice matched by the caress of his fingers as they trace the swell of my breast.  I stare at him, stunned, unsure of how to react.  My body and my mind cannot manage to sync.  My mind telling me that I should hasten back inside, my body electrified by his touch, wanting more.
“You thought no one was aware of your antics in there earlier, didn’t you?  I have been so attuned to you all evening that I can almost read your mind by now.  I most certainly felt the passion and excitement emanating from you as you gasped your way to orgasm amidst the rabble of the crowd.  The beautiful blush on your cheeks once the lights came back on confirmed what I had heard.  Was it good, sweet seductress? Or would you like me to show you what real pleasure is?”  As I open my mouth to mutter a response his lips brush mine… his tongue flickering over my lower lip.  Words are lost to me, nothing makes sense.  What is he doing?  What am I doing for that matter!  How could I allow a perfect stranger to caress my breasts and kiss me?  But then the atmosphere between us has been crackling all evening, maybe I should just explore what the Universe had delivered to me on a platter.  I did after all set out at the beginning of the evening to enjoy myself, didn’t I?
He rises from the seat. With disappointment I look up at him, only to realise that he is not walking away as I assumed he would.  Instead he is shrugging out of his dinner jacket.  He folds it carefully and then reaches around me placing it against the arm rest of the seat.  All the while his hooded eyes watching me as though unable to draw his gaze away.  Ever so gently he lift my right leg, placing my foot on the seat, in effect spreading my legs wide apart.  The split in my dress opening and giving him a perfect view of the lace panties covering my crotch.  Kneeling beside me he buries his face in my cleavage.  Breathing in deeply, trailing kisses over my partially exposed breasts.  His hand gently stroking my pussy through the lace.  One finger of the other hand slides in under the material covering my breast. Finding my nipple hard and erect he proceeds to rub it as shivers rake my body.  Lowering his head now to bury it between my open legs.  Pushing the lace of my panties aside and sealing his lips to mine… tongue flicking over my clit igniting a fire deep down inside of me. Any thought of protest flees.  I am lost to the absolute pleasure of being kissed so deeply and passionately and more thoroughly than I ever had been before.  As his mouth works its wonder on my pussy his fingers keep teasing and caressing my nipples, moving from one breast to the other.  Oh how surreal!  This is the stuff of fantasies.  I surely I have passed through the looking glass into a wonderful dreamland.  As a finger slides gently inside me and then back out again I feel ripples washing over me, tiny tremors and as one finger becomes two the tremors build lifting me higher and higher.  He senses my oncoming climax and begins to match his movements to my ragged breathing.  Stroking deep and hard with both his fingers and his tongue.  As tremors turn to shudders, my back arching giving myself over to him completely I raise my head and my eyes meet those of the Irishman, standing just inside the arbor, watching transfixed. The Irishman?  Too caught up in passion for it to make sense I ride the waves of ecstasy cumming in a gush into my lovers mouth. I cry out with the pleasure of it and it is then that I realise that I don’t even know his name… I don’t know either of these men’s names! His groan of satisfaction told me that that is what he is seeking as he swallowed hungrily. The ultimate gift from me to him… the very essence of me flowing freely to him.
As my pulse begins to settle and I lie back down breathing deeply the dark eyed man licks my clean, gently, as though I am too fragile for a normal touch.  With one final brush of his lips on my pussy he pulls the lace back into position.  Standing slowly he gazes down at me gently.  Fire still burning in his eyes which are drinking me in just as greedily as his mouth had moments ago.
“Thank you, my sweet seductress.” His voice is thick with passion.  “I knew that you would be sweeter than any nectar in natures garden.  You have given me great pleasure and it is an honour to have shared something so intimate with you.  It is my promise to you that this will be not be the end for us.  You are my fantasy incarnate and now that I have tasted your sweetness I will never be satiated by another.”  He sits me up, retrieving his jacket.  His thumb brushes over my lips and then he bends and kisses me, passionately deeply.  As he straightens up above me he says “Taste the sweetness of yourself on your lips, beautiful lady.” moving away into the darkness I hear his voice “Until we meet again, sweet seductress of mine.”

Beautiful Union…..

Rose and feather

Two bodies standing close together in the grips of passion bound
Mouths hungrily searching delighted moans the only sound
Tongues searching and seeking exploring hidden wells
Mouth gently nibbling on lips as passionately they swell

Hand roaming randomly caressing each others skin
Slowly oh so sensuously the dance of love begins
Swaying to their own music lost in shared desire
Igniting within each other an inextinguishable fire

Skin on skin close contact unable to move apart
Breaths shorten in expectation, hear the pounding of their hearts
She firmly grips his buttocks as he caresses her nipples
Uncontrollable reaction passing through her body in ripples

She holds him hard against her, his arousal powerful and strong
One hand slowly caressing him fingers slowly sliding along
He reaches down between her thighs fingers seeking sweetness
As he finds her hidden sacred place she’s overcome with weakness

Mouths exploring wildly from mouth to neck to breast
Tongues frantically seeking finding the places they both love best
As if by magic they are laying down the bed becomes their haven
Laying entwined taunting teasing seeking to ease their craving

Eyes heavy with passion seeking connections in each other depths
Drowning in pools of desire sharing secrets which have long been kept
No words necessary in this exchange understanding messages clear
Honoured in the knowing that they overcome each others fears

He slides between her parted thighs sinking slowly down so deep
She shudders at the perfectness of the union no boundaries now to keep
Handing herself over to him trusting knowing in his arms she is safe
His momentum slowly building as she matches him for pace

He changes slightly his position as the orgasms start to build
The pleasure for them both so powerful on the brink until
He changes rhythm pounding hard as she cries out in release
To hear her pleasure thrills him so as he intends always to please

The pleasure washes over her in waves never ending
Raising her and lifting her ever higher never descending
As he feels her pleasure spasming on his shaft now deep inside
He allows himself release and she delights in his cries

They lay together touching not wanting to break the hold
He still inside of her the pleasure still ten fold
Their hands reaching in a sweet caress such wonder did they find
The beauty of their lovemaking etched indelibly in their minds

Dining out… the Entree

man's eye

What am I doing here? A formal dinner, really? Being an introvert I hate these functions but my friends convinced me to join them for a good cause. It is a black tie affair. Far from my usual attire but I make the effort and don a beautiful evening dress… black, plunging neck line, beautifully cut to show off my curves but not so much so that I feel uncomfortable.  There is a split to mid-thigh on the left side which shows glimpses of my stocking clad leg as I walk. I actually feel quite sexy and sensual and have enjoyed the admiring glances of both men and women… this is a very unfamiliar feeling for me.

Eventually after what seems like forever we are seated for the dinner.  My friends are sitting to my right. A stranger on my left. I smile at him as he does the gentlemanly thing and holds my chair out for me to sit. He smiles back, glancing at my cleavage but quickly averting his gaze. A little thrill passes through me momentarily and then I sit and my friends engage me in conversation.

As the wait staff bustle around us delivering our entrees and drinks waiters remove and replace the constant flow of empty glasses I become aware of being watched.  I glance up and meet the gaze of a very handsome gentleman sitting across the table from me. Chiselled features, eyes so brown they are bordering on black. A strong freshly shaved chin which is already showing the signs of a shadow. His dark hair has streaks of steely grey, making him look very distinguished. I blush a little as his gaze persists, feeling as though he is searching my soul to discover all of my inner secrets.  I see the flicker of a smile on his mouth as he acknowledges the colour rising across my cheeks.  I draw my gaze away from his, although it is somewhat like attempting to draw a magnet from steel, such a strong hold he had on me.  Purposefully I pick up my napkin and mop an imaginary spot of champagne from the corner of my mouth, my lips parting a little. Just then the waitress arrived with my entree breaking the tension of the moment for me.

“Ahh, this looks divine” are the first words the gentleman to my left speaks to me. He has a wonderful lilting Irish accent and a beautiful rich timbre in his tone.

I turn as I respond “It does indeed. Let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

“Oh, I am sure my taste buds will be in heaven” he responds. It is only then that I realise that he is looking down at my thigh, exposed by the fact that the split in my dress has parted while I am seated.

Laughing, I look at him properly for the first time. Ruggedly handsome I think would be the best description for him. Teasing eyes sparkling behind a set of trendy but unobtrusive spectacles. His face was not run of the mill handsome but very appealing all the same. Brown hair, slightly receding, maybe a little in need of a trim but neatly in place all the same. While performing my appraisal I turn my body more to face him. His eyes drop down to my cleavage obviously enjoying the view.

“But then it could be a toss-up as to which would please them the most” he teases with a wink.

“Eat up before it gets cold.” I motion to his entree.

“Oh yes, it is best eaten hot, isn’t it?” he responds with the lift of an eyebrow.

Chuckling I turn my attention to the food placed before me. As I do the eyes across the table grab mine again. I cannot read the look in them but I am fully aware that he has watched the interaction between the sexy, flirtatious Irishman and myself and for some reason I feel that he disapproves.

∼ ∼ ∼

After the entree it is announced that there will be a presentation by a guest speaker while the tables are cleared of dishes.  The speaker though witty and entertaining does not hold my attention long.  The lights have been dimmed with a stage area with a podium lit so that the focus is on the speaker.  As my mind wanders I think about the sexy man next to me and his bold comments.  A fantasy of old flits through my mind. I move my leg a little so that it is in contact with the leg of the Irishman.  I feel a pressure in response.  I feel him stretch back in his chair, as he does his hand brushes along my leg.  I am not certain at first if it is deliberate or accidental and then I feel his fingers hook in under the edge of my stocking, resting there. Maybe this speech won’t be so boring after all!  The fingers slide around the band of my stockings, inching closer and closer to my crotch.  I shiver slightly as they come in contact with my knickers. Oh, thank you Angels for giving me a dress that I didn’t need to wear support undies under!  The lace edge of my knickers is slowly lifted up.  I can hardly breathe!

I hear a muffled groan as I reach under the table and slide my hand along his hard thigh.  He squirms a little as my finger finds the head of his cock which is quickly making its presence felt.  I feel him harden at my touch. My finger trails back and forth along his length.  Oh how delicious this is!  How erotic, a perfect stranger probing at my rapidly moistening pussy, me stoking his hard cock, people all around us and no one any the wiser.

Casually he moves his other hand from the table in front of him and reaches down and unzips the fly of his pants. He takes my hand and guides it inside his pants, oh… he’s not wearing underwear. Instant access! As I slide my hand further in and cup his balls his finger slides between the lips of my pussy.  My breath catches. I push around further under his balls, sliding my finger between the cheeks of his bum. My finger is touching his anus, I feel his butt cheeks tighten as he squirms more.  His finger begins to stroke my clit. I pull my hand back out to his cock, sliding from the base up to the tip. Oh yes, pre-cum.  I glide my hand over the head of his cock then down again, spreading the pre-cum as lube.

Suddenly the sounds of applause brings me back to the room. People cheering, as the noise builds around us he drives his fingers deep down into my pussy.  The tension within me bursts, I groan, as my orgasm takes over my body. He has timed his penetration perfectly with the noise of the room. I gasp “Yes!” as I cum in his hand.

Casually, he sits up straight in his chair beside me, withdrawing his hand as he does.  The lights begin to flicker on around the room.  Reluctantly I withdraw my hand from his pants.  As the applause dies down I can hear the sound of his zipper being pulled up.  Feeling very pleased with myself I smile as I raise my eyes to look around the room. Smug in my little secret.  Then I realise that he is watching me intently, the man across the table.  His eyes are burning into me as though he knows what we’ve been doing.  I know that my face is flushed. Hopefully he will see it as just another blush like earlier when I first felt his eyes on me.  His eyebrows rise slightly and his eyes flick briefly to the Irishman then straight back to mine, like he’s been aware the whole time.  Once again it is the arrival of the main meal that breaks the energy that flows between us.

∼ ∼ ∼

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